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Project Description
The PhotoMetaData package will extract meta data from images that you upload in your Umbraco media section.

For downloads, please refer to

When you create a property with the correct name (see below for the list), it will be filled as soon as you upload an image in the media section.

You are required to create a property called "overwriteMetaData" on the media type of the type "True/False" that you want to read the metadata from.

When you re-upload a picture over the existing item, you might not want to update the meta data, that's what this property is for.

Just add any of the properties from the list below to the media item and they will be filled automagically (if this meta data is present in the image file of course).

This package uses the great open source library FotoFly:

This IS a beta as I can't possibly test all of the different types and formats of metadata. The FotoFly library has plenty of unit tests to verify that they all work, to which I've contributed some example pictures as well as some of them were not working yet.

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